Room Allocation

Please RSVP by June 1st.

We kindly ask that you make any rooming requests upon RSVP and we will do our best to ensure everyones preferences are noted.

Please RSVP with any important notes or preferences as this will assist us to do some intense logistics and finalise this in advance so we can be a happy (instead of stressed out) couple.

The rooming allocation will be quite a tricky process so please be patient with us and understand that not all requests will be able to be made but we will go above and beyond to make everyone happy. We want you to be comfortable.

We will post the list here as soon as we can, and the hotel will also direct people on the day. Any issues that arise on the day should be brought to their attention so they can assist. They are nice people so please be kind. Good vibes all round.

Please checkin between 2 and 2:45pm.

Room Allocation:

(please see Facebook page for car spot allocation. As not all are the same).

Ocean Cabin- Hannah & Joel

Fun House - Bridal Party

Boat Cabins-

1. Ken & Lynette

2. Michelle, Tony & Koby Martin

3.Lyn, Annelise, Tabitha, Samantha

4. Annette, Garry, Jacinta & David L

5. Geradine, Ben, Shayne, Debbie

6. Drew, Justin, Emma C, Rachel C

Surf Cabins-

7. Julie, Andrew, Denise, Zita, Rachael, Laura

8. Wendy, Mark, Ann, David V, Tom

9. Evelyn, Michael, Skye, Deanna, Paul, Jake, Joel

Beach Cabins-

11- Beth, Johnny, Sarah, Sabrina

12- Helena, Jacob, Albert, Tahlia

13- Trung, Jayden, Riley, Zander

Glamping Tents

1- Mel, Damian, Azina

2. -Liz D, Florencia, Tricia

3. -Sam B, Holly, Eli, Brit T

5. -Jess R, Lisa, Kate

6-Zoe, Lydia, Nicole

7- Isac, Elijah, Will, Jerome

8. Tim, Josh, Miroslav, Mitch