Wedding Getaway Tuesday October 10th-Thursday October 12th 2023




Gift Registry

Home Renovation Fund

Your attendance at our celebration means the world to us, and we are so greatful that many of you have been asking us for gift ideas and registry links.

However we have lived together for a long time now and are blessed to have many homewares and object like things to trip over.

As many of you know we recently reached a long term milestone goal of ours, and purchased our first home.

Instead of physical gifts we would greatly appreciate any monetary support in this next adventure of home renovations on a fixer upper.

Therefore we will have a wishing well for cards and cash contributions.

We are sure a Bunnings voucher would go a long way too!

Commonwealth Bank

Joel & Hannah

BSB: 062692

ACC: 44530325

We also love experiences.

Can't wait to see you all and dance the night away!