I'm confused- what on earth is going on?

Hannah and Joel are getting married, but they are super extra so are having a big friends and family overnight getaway.

There is a detailed invitation but to summerise:

DAY 1- Wedding, get there for a 3pm start, wear coastal formal clothes. Formalities and dancing end at 10pm.

DAY 2- For those staying the night, breakfast, beach party, sunset BBQ and kick on's. Wear something fun.

DAY 3- Second breakfast, farewell and checkout by 11am.

Please RSVP by June 1st.

What hotel?

The Cove, Jervis Bay doubles as a retreat and wedding venue. Everything is happening on site.

The hard work has been done for you. Accommodation has already been pre-booked so no one misses out and we can enjoy the special occasion together.

You must RSVP specifically for staying the nights or not staying the nights so rooms can be allocated.

Hannah & Joel are covering some of the cost so it's the best price in the area, $200 per person, for the two nights total.

There are Glamping tents and modern fully equipted cabins. Room requests can be made when you rsvp on this site.

What do I wear?

Day and Evening 1- Coastal Formal.

A great excuse to suit up or prance around in a pretty dress for the duration of the evening.

Day 2- Fun casual

Be funky, funny or just plain old comfortable. It's a chill day.

What should I pack?

It's right on the beach!

Bring swimmers, sunnies and suncream- let's hope the weather is kind.

Bring a jacket as it may be cold and windy at times.

Don't forget PJ's and toiletries.

There are hot showers, baths and it's a fully powered retreat.

Please note, there is a small store on site but the nearest grocery store is 30 minutes away. You may want to BYO snacks and drinks specifically for the second evening.

If you want to vibe out with a guitar you are welcome to bring it.

There is a list of forbidden items as well as packing recommendations on the venues website.