Wedding Getaway Tuesday October 10th-Thursday October 12th 2023




Hannah and Joel

Let The Adventure continue

203 days until the big day!

Let The Adventure Begin!

In celebration of our marriage we are inviting our friends and family on a private 2 night destination getaway in Jervis Bay. Situated in the heart of the national park, The Cove, offers the perfect combination of beach, rainforest and modern festival vibes.

We have arranged exclusive use of the resort so we will have the space, time and privacy to fully immerse ourselves in the moment together with love and laughter with our friends. Our Venue will accomodate everyone through a combination of modern cabins and funky glamping tents. 

Prepare to dance the night away by the fire, hangout with friendly wallaby’s and continue the party in the crystal blue waters.

As it is a destination wedding we have needed to reserve the entire private lodging in advance, to ensure enough accommodation is available for all our guests.

They say your wedding day flashes by in the blink of an eye.
So our hope is that we can spend more quality time with each of our loved ones in a relaxed environment and enjoy everything the beautiful destination has to offer together, over the course of a few days.

DAY 1- Tuesday October 10th
2:30pm Guest Check in
3:30pm Ceremony
4:30pm Cocktails & Canepes
6:30pm Dinner & Formalities
8:30 Dancing & Prancing
10pm Last Call

DAY 2- Wednesday October 11th
From 9am - Recovery breakfast
11am Beach Party
2pm Games or Adventuring
6pm Sunset BBQ
7pm Kick On's

DAY 3- Thursday October 12th
9am Farewell pancake brunch
10am Send Off
11am Check out

So we can allocate rooms logistically, we need to know if anyone plans NOT to stay for the full duration in advance.

Please note the venue has said guests not staying the night are required to exit the premises by 10pm, and are only allowed on site the day of the wedding.

The price of 2 nights accommodation is $200 per person total, to stay on site the two nights. We will of course pair those in relationships together and friends where possible. We obviously know you all quite well and feel we already have an understanding of any special requests in terms of room style preferences. Please note, some rare room breakdowns are rooms of 3. 
You are of course welcome to swap around on the day if you wish. Please note we have made a price deduction and are covering most of the sleeping cost so it is the best value option available nearby.

Please let us know upon RSVPing if you will be joining us on the getaway and staying the nights, or only attending the wedding day, on this site.

The resort require our confirmed overnight guest list and payment by our RSVP date, May 1st.

Please use your name as a reference.

HMoy JBrown
BSB: 062692
ACC: 44530325

If you have any questions or concerns about accommodation please just ask.
The venue have also put a handy online FAQ page and supplied important terms so please check it out.

Hope you can make it!